Tailor-made products

Our creative department will follow you step-by-step in the creation of an exclusive item from a selection of furs that are certified and sourced from the world’s leading auction houses (where standards and regulations governing production are in force) and declared commercially viable by the Washington Convention (, selecting the model that best enhances your figure and suits your style.


A new way of creating a tailor-made product. Even after 10-15 years have passed, if stored properly and cleaned at least once every two years, you can rejuvenate the style of your garment, adapting it to current fashion.


Minor interventions, such as the replacement of a button or the repair of the lining, can be performed promptly for you in our tailor shop.

Summer safekeeping

In order to preserve the quality of the product, safekeeping is the best choice to keep your clothes in a well-ventilated place, protected from harmful environmental agents. The modern and fully-equipped spaces of our offices, with armoured, air-conditioned vaults, provide a humidity and temperature control system allowing for the leather of your fur to breathe.


Cleaning, at least once every two years, is a way of making sure your product maintains its beauty intact and that it prevents aging, which is the main cause of deterioration and loss of value.